The Chapel of St. James Boanerges
St. Mary's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

    The diocese of Kingston was formed by Pope Leon XII in 1826 as the first English-speaking diocese in Canada.
In 1889 it was raised to the rank of Archdiocese by    
Leon XIII.

    The newly named Archbishop J. Vincent Cleary in memory of this occasion and as a sign of gratitude, built a Chapel in the Gothic style by the Cathedral. The Chapel was consecrated in 1890 and named after the apostle St. James Boanerges. The Chapel was furnished with stain glass windows produced in Newcastle, England at the request of Bishop Cleary. These beautifully formed images are representations of the following: The Holy Family, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Vincent DePaul, St. Patrick, Christ with Children, and the homage of Christ by the three Wiseman. The front wall of the Chapel was fitted with a majestic "rose coloured" stain glass window of seven medallions with the different sense of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

   In the years of 1993 to 1996 the Chapel went through a general renewal. The Chapel of St. James Boanerges enchants with its stained glass windows, its beautifully sculpted front alter, effigies of former Bishops and Archbishops and its intimate interior.

   The Chapel of St. James by St. Mary's Cathedral served for many years as the place of prayer for many ethnic groups. The Portuguese, the Italians and the Ukrainians all prayed there in their respective mother tongues. As well, the Holy Mass was celebrated in the Chapel in Spanish and Latin.

    In the 70's, Archbishop J. A. O'Sullivan allowed for Holy Mass to be conducted in the Chapel in the Polish language.

    The Chapel starting in 1991, for six days during the week, serves as the place of adoration of the Holy Sacrament. Furthermore, from the mid 1990's once a month, the Chapel serves as the formal meeting area for "Opus Dei". It was there that two times a week, Sunday and Friday, the Holy Mass was conducted for the Polish Apostolate. Sine July 2011 Polish Apostolate has been moved to Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

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