Apostolate Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a reflective, life-giving body of parishioners committed to
the Apostolate of Christ the King Catholic Polish Community.
Liturgy Committe       
Christian Education Committee       
Social Action Committee       

Tomasz Herra
Tadeusz Fiturski
Joanna Herra
Sławomir Sadurski
Lech Adamin
Sabina Sadurska

The Apostolate Council welcomes comments, concerns, and suggestions from parishioners. You can email the council at: council@kingpol.org

Apostolate Finance Council


Adam Cały
Maria Kallo
Tomasz Herra

The Finance Council of the apostolate is a group who assists the apostolate priest in carrying the common burden of the material administration of the apostolate.


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